The newly launched N’awlins Jazz House had FACT’s Anushay Taimur Khan wanting to visit since the doors opened. On an ordinary Wednesday night, she stepped into the Marsa Malaz Kempinski, The Pearl Doha, only to find her feet tapping to the pure Jazz vibes.

I cannot even begin to emphasise the regret I felt when I got learned that there was a new Jazz Club in town and I was going to be missing the grand opening. Somehow, leaving Doha even just for 10 days gives me major FOMO because I feel like I need to know everything that the city has to offer as and when it happens – it is my show-off piece after all!

I made my way to N’awlins Jazz House to pick up a rather ordinary week and boy, was that the best choice to make. I entered N’awlins and was taken aback by the muted red tones and lightly lit lounge. Instantly, I felt like this Jazz house and I are going to have an affair that is going to be the talk of the town. With simple paintings on the wall and décor that complimented the whole blues theme so well, I simply got lost because I was so engrossed in the interior. I choose to sit right in the centre of the restaurant because there was a live band who were about to start their set. And, fittingly, there are only two things that I am most passionate about: good food and great music. I asked the bartender to whip me up a sweet mocktail and as I sipped on the first passion fruit concoction, settling into my seat, the music started.

The three-piece band was simply amazing. Their first song picked up slowly and I found myself reminiscing all the times we heard jazz music as the score of various movies and even cartoons for that matter made an appearance on their set list. At first, I tried to be lady-like and clapped when the first performance was done but, the band had other plans for me entirely. When the musicians are so engrossed in their art and feeding off each other’s energy, the crowd is bound to go wild. And wild I went! I couldn’t stop hooting, clapping and cheering for the band as the classic setting of the Jazz House felt like a place I was always meant to be. The cosy lounge offered different seating options and huge vases served as pillars. The gold and red tones matched the perfect nostalgic feels of an era gone by and I was the happiest patron ever to have discovered the place.


Now, the food here is something that needs to be really appreciated. I have come across very few places who offer good entertainment and food, together. I ordered myself a variety of bites and was pleased to see that they offered dishes that were in keeping with the ambiance of the place. My nachos with shrimp and onion toppings found a soft place in my heart and I quickly downed my entire tray. The mini burgers and classic fish and not so classic spicy chips are worth mentioning as well because the perfect finger food in this environment really makes your experience that more special. The mixologists were creating a storm with the drinks and I could see people giving in and enjoying the entire setting of the Jazz House – for a few moments we were all united with our love of music and simply had the best time as we cheered the band on!

For dessert, something that I never say no to, I enjoyed a chocolate and fruit mix with caramelised banana and I was in the sweetest heaven you could imagine. The food portions were brilliant too, and I found myself falling for not just the food but everything that the Jazz House represents.

Jazz fix or just a music escape, this is the place to be when you have some serious down time! ✤