It was love at first sight for FACT’s Anushay Taimur Khan when she visited the new concept of Crossroads Kitchen at Marriott Marquis City Center Doha. So, it comes as no surprise that her next dinner party was hosted there…

My relationship with Marriott Marquis City Center Doha is a tale as old as time. One of the most easily accessible hotels in Doha that is nested in the middle of West Bay, right next to City Center shopping mall, I have made numerous trips from within the mall to grab a quick bite from various joints here. Cucina has been a favourite of the family to the extent that we celebrated my husband’s 30th there.

With Crossroads Kitchen relaunching with a brandnew concept last year, I couldn’t stop raving about the new foodie joint that made its trip all over the world with just one stop. Naturally, I asked my friends to join me for the Thursday Night to get a taste of the cultural venue that Crossroads has become. The entire restaurant is super spacious and you can experience its full hustle with the open kitchen concept and the build your own salad table right in the centre. The tables are set and there’s a classic buffet style ambience.

You’d think that the entire menu was taken over by seafood items but that’s the one thing I liked the most about this – a lot of the buffet was still in place! You could start off the meal with the salad and aromatic soup, pick a few items from the beef brisket coated in BBQ sauce, the salt-crusted salmon that added to the crunch in every bite, and the iconic comfort food mac and cheese with its cheese sauce serving as the stream of goodness in your mouth. To top it off, we crowded the sushi table and got an entire platter for the table – an array of tangy and mild flavours as per everyone’s preference.

The highlight of the Seafood Night would definitely be the live cooking of the fresh fish to your taste! There was an entire set up of fish on the left of the kitchen where you can go and the choose the fish you want to eat and then trust the chef to give you the best of the deal – much-needed on a Thursday night! Bowls of boiled rice were going around as well as everyone selecting their style of fish, cooked with the chef’s magic touch. The mocktail selection just amplified the experience for us and we all got a sip of everything as a perk of dining in a group!

The dessert selection was equally impressive and the staff was readily available to aid the group as we dined in the classic Marriott Marquis style. An evening very well spent!✤