Bedaya Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (Bedaya Center), a joint initiative by Qatar Development Bank and Silatech, recently held a series of educational and informative workshops. These workshops are part of the Foundation Program conceptualized by Bedaya Center to deal with the basic requirements in the field of entrepreneurship to support the center’s endeavors to spread the culture  of entrepreneurship in the country and enhance the role of youth in society.

The workshop series were held via the interactive “ZOOM” video communications platform, during which a group of experts explained the procedures to be followed for establishing commercial projects, how to use business models, preparing feasibility studies, and the importance of marketing through social media platforms, in addition to accounting mechanisms, financial systems for small projects and the legal procedures and matters followed in the country.

At the first workshop, Mr. Abdulaziz Nasser, Business Establishment Consultant, gave an in-depth overview  on the followed procedures and the needed requirements that must be met to establish projects, such as adopting a specific idea, knowing the official and governmental requirements and applying them, preparing the initial study of the project, taking official approvals and extracting the commercial registration, working on preparing the visual identity, searching for suppliers, and selecting a location to obtain the commercial license In addition to preparing an action plan for implementing and managing the project, and recruiting suitable and trained employees.

Dr. Latifa Aldarwish, businesswoman and an expert in corporate change and development in her presentation during the second workshop, highlighted the importance of marketing skills for startups through social media platforms for the success of their projects, and how to have a comprehensive vision to build footprint and brand on the Internet.  Dr. Latifa Aldarwish also explained to the participants on how to do a proper planning for social media platforms usage, in addition to providing useful steps and ideas for participants for more effective control.

In the third workshop, Mr. Salah Jenahi, consultant in the field of establishing and developing companies, touched upon the various types of  business models, feasibility studies and how to prepare them step by step, which entrepreneurs can follow to ensure that they come up with a clear vision about the needed requirements to ensure the success of their projects regardless of their nature.

In the fourth workshop, Mr. Mohamed Fahmy, Development and Training Consultant at Bait al Mashura Finance Consultations , reviewed the foundations of finance and accounting for small enterprises, and explained that each entrepreneur must be familiar with the basic financial concepts in order for him/her to choose the best policy to achieve success in his/her project.

The last workshop presented by Attorney Dr. Mona Al Marzouqi, shed the light on the legal landscape in Qatar with regard to establishing new businesses, in terms of options, positive and negative aspects, and other legal matters the entrepreneur must be aware of before starting his/ her project.

On this occasion, Mr. Abdulla Faleh Al Saeed – Board Member and Acting General Manager of Bedaya Center said, “Through the series of the Foundation Program workshops and with the help of the group of experts, we were able to address the most important basic concepts in the field of entrepreneurship, so that the participants understand all relevant procedures before and after establishing their projects, and the challenges they would face when starting their businesses.”

“The workshops also provided participants with the opportunity to have a clear vision about the legal requirements needed for the success of their business, which will spare them many problems and save them time and effort, which comes within the center’s development plan, as we always strive to provide Qatari youth with favorable opportunities through the educational and informative programs and workshops which help them to achieve success in the fields they choose”. added Mr. Abdulla Faleh Al Saeed.