While looking for a place to dine in Al-Sadd, FACT’s Anushay Taimur Khan came across DoubleTree Hilton Doha – Al-Sadd and decided to give the newly launched hotel a try…

DoubleTree by Hilton Doha – Al-Sadd is the new kid on the block. With its recent grand opening, who wouldn’t want to go in and check out the latest talk of the town? We were there in a heartbeat. Situated right next to the busy Al Nasr street, a local would find it an odd location for the hotel to be in. It does, however, make sense from a hospitality perspective to open in one of the most popular and iconic areas of the city.

I came face-to-face with a mellow looking, sand-coloured building with its coffee shop right in the front, giving an insight to the already-popular destination. The interior of the hotel is another story of its own though. Muted grey and pale-yellow tones of the interior served as a tribute to the ever-changing dunes of Doha. A subtle contrast of orange and green makes the décor come to life as the fascinating dimensions of the hotel made it stand out in the sea of the growing hospitality sector.

OPEN, an aptly named restaurant, is an all-day dining restaurant that I immediately envisioned as an ideal location for brunch. With its open kitchens and different stations that explore Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines of both regions, giving the guests ample choices to explore.

The seats were comfortable and I chose my table in what I deemed as the snuggest little spot in the restaurant. My gastronomical experience started from the get go and I asked to sample everything and anything! Hence came the lavish display of starters that included the Arabic favourites; hummus with pita bread and the vinegary fattoush salad that amped up the taste of the dish. The cherry tomatoes was the ideal fit for a health freak with the mouth-watering avocado sitting atop flavourful grainy bits of quinoa, making this a favoured dish for the lot.

Tasting bits of meaty display that was presented, I was sold on the zesty lemon salmon that came on a bed of asparagus. With the lemon butter sauce serving as a booster, This dish was the most piquant feature of this luscious dish. The juicy steaks with the assortment of sauces came as a close second, tied with the shrimp ravioli, which was a delicious treat for the entire group.

Even though the dessert selection was served right after the main course, the conversation between friends continued and resulted in a round of milkshakes which will be remembered FOREVER. The gigantic mugs came overflowing with goods that are made of dreams: a creamy volcanic eruption decorated with smarties, wafers and popcorn. A display set for Candyland, the rich caramel shake was just the perfect sweet treat.

I loved the vibe that this place had with its casual take and delectable food. I cannot wait for the restaurant to fully open and even serve special beverages. I will be heading back to get that pizza, which has my name on it! ✤