The iconic Radisson Blu Hotel Doha is the only property that is home to two equally impressive Indian restaurants in Qatar. An invite to Bombay Balti was happily accepted by FACT’s Anushay Taimur Khan as she embarked on a culinary journey of Indian delights…

One of my favourite hotels since I moved to Doha is the understated Radisson Blu, so I was excited to finally have the opportunity to try Bombay Balti – a renowned Indian eatery. As a venue, Bombay Balti can be identified from far away. Why, you ask? Well, the colours of the Indian flag hang at the ceiling so you simply know that this is the place you need to go when you’re craving authenticity.

I was welcomed by the manager of the restaurant and seated immediately. My goal was to select a few dishes that I simply knew would be the benchmarks on which to judge an Indian restaurant. Frankly speaking, I am already a fan of the other Indian restaurant – Chingari – in the hotel and really wanted to see what was different (or better) about this one.

As I was deciding on the menu, I was served with my drinks and some poppadum, along with a mix of chutneys. If there’s one thing that India knows how to do, it’s bring their A-game with the chutneys. I was almost finished with the welcome bites as my starters were served. My choice to start the night was the mixed tandoori platter. Much to my delight, the platter consisted of chicken, prawns, fish and lamb cutlets. Since I am always inclined to chicken tandoori, I was very surprised at the taste of the tandoori prawns and went for a second helping. I requested the chef to keep the flavour mild and the marination of these prawns was absolutely exquisite. I had to hold myself back from taking seconds of the fish as well since I had already requested for three main courses.

As Bombay Balti is known for their curries, I had to put them to the test and order the ever-famous butter chicken, the people’s favourite biryani and some Hyderabadi mutton. As a side to all these dishes, I also ordered Dal Maharani, another classic when it comes to Indian cuisine. This meal was a no brainer for me, the butter chicken was as soft and silky as it could be, with a distinct taste that wasn’t too sweet – balancing out perfect proportions of spices. I would crown the Hyderabadi mutton as the winner for me as I truly haven’t tried anything like this dish in Doha. Styled in a completely different way with shredded mutton and spiced beautifully, the aromas won me over. I loved having it with my hot naan and have already noted it down as my dish to recommend to anyone who is in the mood for some Indian food!

The service at the restaurant was splendid and as soon as I was finished with my main course, I was asked to choose a dessert. Again, this review was to fulfil my own foodie desires and I ordered my all time favourite: Rasmalai. Soft cottage cheese swims in a syrup of milk and sugar, it’s heavenly. It’s also a dish that is difficult to execute and Bombay Balti nails it! The cottage cheese was kneaded to perfection and the milky syrup with its saffron and nutty garnishing tasted like drops of sweet paradise.
The verdict would be that Bombay Balti is definitely worth a try. With their variety of food and famous curry dishes, you will never be disappointed with the quality of Indian cuisine served here. If you’re like me and you love your curry and naan like no tomorrow, you know where your next stop should be. We might just be sat at the table next to you! ✤