From the world’s best superfoods to gruelling and fun exercise workouts, here is the ultimate A to Z guide to achieving your summer body the healthy way – it’s time to get fit, be happy and feel strong for the sun-filled days ahead…

AntiGravity Yoga

Working out doesn’t always mean getting out of breath, and one of the best yoga crazes to hit Doha will prove that! Try AntiGravity (aerial) Yoga for inner body regeneration and to relieve stress. This highly specialised sport began in the US by Christopher Harrison, the founder and pioneer of this type of yoga which is a calm and tranquil activity, that also helps to shed the pounds if practiced regularly. AntiGravity/Aerial Yoga classes are available at Anytime Fitness.
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B Belly Dancing

This exotic eastern dance provides an opportunity for ladies to explore a more sensual side to exercise while learning an ancient art form. Both men and women have been captivated for centuries and here is a chance for ladies to join a class that breaks down each tantalising movement to create a full routine. It’s a great calorie burner; a superb workout for the abdominals and you will have a fantastic time! At Fitness First, dance classes will help sculpt and tone your core muscles by working your hips and stomach. A workout that keeps your body constantly moving, improving hip flexibility and rotation, whilst elevating your heart rate. The best thing? You can try out the belly dancing class with a free trial.
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C Cardio

Your face is dripping. Your fightor-flight response has kicked in. These are all the body benefits when you push hard and kick it up with cardio exercise in your daily routine. Cardio boosts productivity, revs energy levels, works out your whole body and even has the power to improve your mental mojo and lower stress levels. Just 30-minutes a day can make a massive difference – go on, give it a go and start reaping the benefits of cardio now! There is a sizeable gym with plenty of equipment from cardiovascular machines to TRX units and weights and abs tools at The Diplomatic Club – which we would highly recommend. Spend an hour with a personal trainer who will put you through your paces with a high-intensity workout. You’ll feel the positive effects within just 60 minutes.
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D Detox

Looking to recharge and rejuvenate? Start by making small changes to your daily diet and mix things up with the addition of natural, organic products, or, simply, change out your regular cups of coffee for a detox juice. If you want to get a quick fix, head over to W Café at W Doha Hotel & Residences for one of their incredible vitamin-packed detox drinks – try the Ultimate Green; celery, kale leaves, green apple, and lime and ginger – just the power boost needed!
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E Exercise

Simples! Just 20 minutes of intense exercise a day can really start to make a difference in your body and mind! That can be anything from a quick run on the treadmill, taking the stairs up and down at home and the office, or following a fitness DVD for motivation. Head to CrossFit t23 for innovative classes including gymnastics, barbell, endurance and more. There are separate options for men and women as well as a well-equipped open gym ( Alternatively, YouTube has thousands of free and quick exercise videos to get you going, so no excuses now!

F Flax Seeds

They’re super popular in this region, and for a good reason. Flax seeds have some seriously excellent health benefits. This little seed is a quality source of both important dietary staples; protein and fibre, which can be taken through supplement tablets, as well as in ground and oil form. A regular dose of flax seeds can help to reduce the risk of such health issues such as liver disease, depression, and high cholesterol to name but a few.

G Greens

By greens, we mean leafy salads and delicious veggies like asparagus, broccoli, okra and spinach. It’s no secret, that even though Doha is a dry and dusty place, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to fresh salads and healthy food options. Try the food over at Evergreen Organics, known to many as the first 100 per cent vegan café in Qatar. Its menu is packed with fresh salads, nutritious bowls, cold-pressed juices and everything in between.
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H Hula Hooping

Hoop yourself to your body best in time for summer! Hula hooping is so much fun, and helps to burn mega calories as well as sculpting your body and blasting off belly fat! The great thing about hula hooping is that you can do it alone to your favourite tunes or you can get together with friends for a workout with a difference that will certainly keep you on your toes. Maybe even start your own hula movement – that’ll be a first for Doha!

I Insanity Workout

It’s been dubbed ‘the hardest workout ever put on DVD and, trust us, we tried it for 20 minutes and can vouch for whoever said that! Insanity ( has become THE workout to get you beach body ready in 60 days. Forget regular high-intensity training, because this workout programme turns old-school interval exercising on its head. If you’re serious about getting in shape for the summer and up for the challenge, we say, go for it!

J Juicing

It seems that nowadays just about everyone is jumping on the juice bandwagon; from Hollywood celebrities to the busy housewife next door, juicing, whether that’s for a diet cleanse, an energy boost, or to adopt a healthier lifestyle, has become a fitness staple. There are plenty of great local diet and nutrition planners that can help with juicing; check out Raw Simply Nourishing who provide different meal plans and cleansing options, delivered straight to your door.
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K Kilos

Let’s be honest – the last few kilos are always the toughest to shift, and that’s where combat sports like boxing and boot camp come in. Get down to Qatar MMA and join in their extensive schedule of Muay Thai, Taekwondo, functional fitness, and even MMA. There’s a weekly schedule for men, women and children. Here, you’ll be put through your paces and helped to reach your fitness goals.
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L Laser Tag

Ok, let’s get real. Laser Tag is fun, like loads of fun. But it’s also a physically demanding activity, but because of all the fun you’ll be having, you won’t even feel like it’s a workout. This popular pastime is not only one of the best ways to spend time with family and friends, but it can be a totally different way of getting in some exercise too. Get your dose of laser tag at Gondolania Theme Park in Villagio Mall.
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M Meditation

A healthy body always starts with a healthy mind, so exercising your soul and learning to de-stress is essential to getting ready for the summer days. Most spas and health centres in town offer meditation classes, but this is something that you can ‘DIY’ at home as well. Get yourself into a good routine of exercisemeditation-healthy eating, and you’re on your way to happy days in the sun. Niya Yoga Studio would be a great place to start (

N Nutribullet

Don’t juice, don’t blend – only extract; that’s Nutribullet for you! A coveted machine that continues to make waves around the world for its healthy extracting technique. Prepare juices with fruits or vegetables, Nutribullet will give you a healthy, fibre-rich and nutritious juice. With easy steps to follow, this machine breaks down and crushes stem, seeds and skins of food, releasing the nutrients to make it a superfood. No chunks, unbroken seeds or mess to clean up; this multi-tasking tool deserves a thumbs-up.

O Organic

Organic is trending; expensive but a clear-cut healthy choice to make. Organic food has more of the antioxidant compounds linked to better health than regular food and contains qualitatively higher levels of essential minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, iron and chromium that are significant components in our daily diet. For a quick-pro-intro, get down to any major supermarket like Mega Mart or Carrefour, with an organic section or check out Mustafawi Organic Vegetable Farm (www. and say hello to natural produce.

P Push-ups

It might not be your instant exercise of choice, but the push-up is a complex compound move that works your chest, biceps and core – basically, if you’re serious about rockin’ that summer swimwear then doing a good set of push-ups will help you get there. Pushups come in lots of different variations and you can make use of other gym equipment, like a fitness weight ball, to help you get to grips with your preferred push-up style!

Q Quinoa

Quinoa went through a time of food awakening (much like kale) and is now one of the most popular superfoods, loaded with protein, fibre and minerals. It’s light, delicious and comes with a wealth of health benefits. If you’re quinoasavvy, you will know that the nutty taste and delicate texture make it a perfect ingredient for fresh salads. Try the delicious Quinoa Chicken Salad at Café DeLord and enjoy a twist with dates and apples in the mix – yummy!

R Running

Not only is running good for the lungs and heart but hitting the pavement releases those happy endorphins that will leave you on a high after a workout. Running is one of the top ways to burn off extra calories and the second most effective exercise in terms of calories burned per minute. On that note, we recommend running be added into your fitness schedule. Yes, running on the treadmill definitely counts!

S Spinning

The workout employs a stationary bike, which has various tension levels. The bike will also track your progress so that you are motivated to continue and accomplish your fitness goals. There are numerous benefits to a spinning workout; to burn calories, build muscle tone, increase cardio endurance, and relieve stress. Available at Ride Tribe – Doha’s first dedicated indoor cycling studio.
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T Tai-Chi

Try some slow, soft and graceful moves with the martial art form of Tai-Chi. Learning to do Tai-chi correctly is the key, without which you wouldn’t experience the calmness and relaxation that it can provide. This exercise can prevent or ease many ills and could be the perfect activity to spice up your regular workout routine. Join Tai-Chi classes today for a healthy body, mind and soul.
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U Unwind

With the stress and grind that comes with everyday life and having an intense and hectic work schedule, it’s necessary to take your health seriously. Without doubt, exercise and healthy foods are the key, but along with that the body needs to relax and unwind too. Take a trip to the spa or join a retreat program for some rejuvenation and let loose.

V Vegan

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! Some of the health and physical benefits of going vegan include increased energy, youngerlooking skin, allergy reduction, healthy weight loss, and a diet rich in protein, iron, calcium and other essential vitamins and minerals. It’s not all-boring plantbased food either. A great place to start for inspiration is – a local vegan blogger who has some seriously yummy recipes to share. If you love Indian and South Asian food, Bharath Vasanta Bhavan is the place to go!

W Water

Sports Enjoy the privacy of the beachfront and great leisure time at InterContinental Doha. The hotel’s Water Sports Activity counter offers an array of options. Try out the jet skis and towables. Enjoy the fivemetre water trampoline in the lagoon. Glide on a wakeboard or learn to sail with the assistance of the Blue Marine Team. Just let go and have a splash with friends and family. All the equipment, a private beach, and beautiful water await, all in the name of keeping fit!
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X X-treme

Sports Take the Xtreme path for some lifechanging experiences. Activities involving speed, height and a high level of physical exertion are the Xtreme sports we’re talking about. These fun activities include Base Jumping, Skydiving, Canoeing, Climbing, Skiing, Kite Surfing and lots more. Taking a little risk and enjoying a sport that is fun and adventurous for your body will release all the adrenalin and happy hormones!Bashing is a great place to start!

Y Yoghurt

Yoghurt is a favourite among all ages, thanks to the tantalising flavours available in stores now. The calcium in yoghurt signals the fat cells to pump out less cortisol, making it easier for you to drop pounds, while the amino acids help to burn fat; are you ready for flat abs? Pinkberry is a fun place to try out some healthy yoghurts with your desired flavour and toppings.

Z Zumba

It was all the rage a few years ago and still continues to be one of the most active and super fun ways to get in shape! Zumba is known for its total workout qualities which combine all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, and a serious energy boost – not to mention; you’ll pick up some great moves and avoid the same repetitive moves of a traditional workout! Zumba classes are available at various fitness facilities across Doha, but we recommend the dance classes at IAID Performing Arts (www.✤