Al Hazm mall in all its glory is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful malls of Qatar. With alluring décor and rich history, Al Hazm is a mall worth making a visit to. And, while you’re there, we have something for you to do; we present to you our favorite Al Hazm restaurants

Belgravia – Al Hazm Mall
With a chef whose passion brought him straight to Doha, Belgravia boasts of modern cuisine that offers a variety of dishes that come from the heart of London but with a European influence. A very simply set restaurant with elegant art on the walls, Belgravia is the place to go for a good, quiet time with exquisite food.

Le Train Bleu – Al Hazm Mall
Le Train Bleu is a vision of its own with grandeur interior which reminds one of the beautiful museums of Paris, chandeliers that glisten of luxury and fresco-covered walls and ceilings. Being the first Le Train Bleu branch out of Paris since 1901, you can feel a taste of the original branch with the beautiful décor. The food is French to the core with puddings that make you feel the Parisian vibes while in Doha.

Takht-E-Jamshid – Al Hazm Mall
Takht-E-Jamshid has got to be a favorite for us since this was one of the places we could simply not stop eating it. The interior speaks of the Persian vibes that they have tried to achieve (very successfully) and the food gives a very authentic Persian taste. All in all, it is ideal for a dinner party where you just want to impress your guests with good food at a beautiful mall with a Persian blend.

Al Manchab – Al Hazm Mall
Al Manchab was such a pleasant surprise for us. The restaurant was a reflection of the Qatari culture and honestly, we thought we had already tasted the best Qatari food in town. Well, I am pleased to say that I was wrong. With a female executive chef taking the ropes, this restaurant should be on your list whenever you want to experience the local cuisine.

Lobster – Al Hazm Mall
Before I start, let me just say one thing; om nom nom! Lobster, as the name goes, is famous for its lobsters. We tried the Canadian lobsters, which was cooked in the creamiest sauce and topped with Parmesan sauce, making the restaurant an instant favorite. The appetizing menu, outdoor seating and attentive staff is truly the recipe for roping in regulars and making this one of our ultimate favorite restaurants at Al Hazm.

Ridge – Al Hazm Mall
In the beautiful Al Hazm Mall, you will find yourself in a scenic marble-walled, gold bars and suede seats Ridge restaurant. Presenting pan Asian dining, we absolutely loved the different sushi that we were presented. Full marks for presentation at this beautiful place and the food is worth trying as well!

Dar Al Karam – Al Hazm Mall
When speaking of authentic cuisine, how can we not talk about Dar Al Karam? With windows that overlook the city, Dar Al Karam is a package all together. Delicious food and a good view always calls for quality time! Do try their desserts because you’re not going to be getting anything close to these in town.

Have you tried any of these restaurants at Al Hazm Mall? Which one is your favorite? Be sure to vote for them