The Ritz-Carlton Doha and its uber-chic eateries have been a favourite of the city for a long time. We just had to get our Saturday Brunch fix and so FACT’s Anushay Taimur Khan booked herself a table to tackle those oncoming new week blues with good food…

Luxury at The Ritz-Carlton Doha is a definition of its own. With the grandeur of the hotel, the world-class brand and even the staff that treat you like royals from the get-go, Sel & Miel was the only place that I hadn’t been to in weeks. You cannot blame me since STK is the one with all the tricks lately (I love you, Le Petit Chef!), but I was ready to experience the exceptional service and culinary delights at Sel & Miel too. Let’s just say, I was very impressed.

The golden brass mirror as an ode to the beauty of Parisian interior gets you into that French flair immediately. Because, who am I if there isn’t drama in everything I do? The cane chairs and the soft linen at the table reflects a Parisian café vibe and I could not have loved a taste of Paris more at this vacation-deprived point in my life. The different seating sections and the beautiful views of the turquoise blue waters of the Gulf, are the perfect views for Saturday afternoon.

The concept of the Saturday brunch at Sel & Miel is truly unique – instead of a buffet, you get everything served at the table and you actually have a menu to tell you what’s coming up next. The main course is a la carte, something that is again fresh and welcomed on the brunch scene, and you have a table of desserts ready for you with the pastry chef waiting to explain your choices. Truly a modern brasserie, I expected high quality at every step and I was not disappointed for even a second.

The appetisers arrived in true Parisian style and we delved into the assortment de charcuterie et ses condiments that my partner simply called dibs on, instantly. Whether is was the poached shrimps in a bouquet with its impeccable cocktail sauce to excite the dish, the steak tartare with the juicy beef, terrine de campagne’s luscious beef that made this delectable meal all the more delicious, I was in a Parisian state of mind right here in Sel & Miel was offering. Vichyssoise, that is the cold potato leek soup, already had me dreaming of dunking the assorted breads from the artisanal bread trolley into the bowl, as it was being served. The croque monsieur further strengthened my belief that anything with cheese on it is always a good idea! The ambrosial turkey ham garnished with melted gruyere is an utterly world-class treat. As we were half way through the appetisers, the mussels in a pot were presented and we dived in, no questions asked.

I especially liked the part where I got to choose my own main course. Out of the four options that had chicken, salmon, duck and lamb, I went for the volaille aux champignons et pomme de terre. Chicken as soft as butter with its juices dripping – tasty, warm, zesty – all of the comfort you need on a Saturday afternoon. The chariot de desserts were arranged in a great way to welcome guests if I must say, and the pastry chef convinced me to take a bite of them all. Honestly, it didn’t take much for me to stack my plate to taste all of them as I was already dreaming of this staple of the French life. Let it be the indulgent choice in pastries, the authentic French meringues or the fresh fruit that sits atop tarts, this is the treat we came for.

To conclude, the Parisian Saturday Brunch gives a taste of the life that we all want; sitting on the corner of Mont Marte as life goes by and the family gets together for a feast with a few special drinks – aah, c’’est la bonne vie!