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Inspired by the ancient Chinese concept of Jing, representing calmness, stillness and tranquility, The Ritual of Jing helps you create a personal sanctuary where you can escape from the hectic pace of everyday life. Discover this collection built out of two ranges: Relax & Sleep. Infusing the two ranges in this collection into your daily routines will help you relax, calm the mind, and improve the quality of your sleep. It’s essential to relax the mind, as your daily state of mind influences the quality of your sleep.

The Relax range contributes to full relaxation with its floral and warm fragrance -based on the essential oils Sacred Lotus and Jujube- providing a calming and soothing experience due to the composition of a lovely bouquet of delicate and intense blossoms combined with the softness of woods and musks. Relax and calm your body and mind with this long-lasting soothing fragrance throughout the day.

There’s magic in the moment just before the day begins. It’s an instance of stillness, an opportunity to luxuriate in the simple joy of a good night’s rest and breathe in the potential of the hours ahead. Below, you’ll find a routine designed to take you through this moment and ease you into a day of stress-free bliss.

Begin your everyday routine with the Foaming Shower Gel. A gentle foaming body cleanser, with relaxing Sacred Lotus and Jujube. In Traditional Chinese medicine, Jujube seeds are used to reduce stress and produce a calm state of mind. Seize the opportunity to gently connect with yourself, checking in with your body and mind. Next, gently wake your skin with an invigorating Body Scrub composed of ultrafine bamboo particles and a rich cream base. Stimulate your circulation with long, circular motions while polishing and exfoliating your skin. Feel how soft and supple your skin is after the treatment and breathe in the soothing scent of Sacred Lotus and Jujube. A final blast of cold water, and you’re fresh and ready for the day. Pat yourself dry, then apply a nourishing layer of the Body Cream. Settle on of your intentions for the day, then set them with a final spritz of fragrance with the Hair and Body mist. You will channel this moment whenever you smell the scent during the hours to come.

Midway through your daily schedule, take a soothing break to relax and reconnect with yourself. Below, you’ll find five easy steps to bring a moment of rest to your 9-to-5 routine. The easy-to-use Relaxing Serum roller offers you a ten-second fix for a day of stress combining refreshing Chinese peppermint and relaxing Jujube. To transport yourself to a fully relaxed state of mind, light a soothing Scented Candle. Watch the flame of the candle and slowly breathe in and out, paying attention to your heartbeat. As you’re winding down, treat yourself to a hand massage. Carefully rub the nourishing Hand Lotion into your hand, working it in to your knuckles and cuticles. With your index finger and thumb, apply firm pressure to the webbing between the thumb and index finger of your other hand. Massage this pressure point for 5 seconds, taking slow, deep breaths. This works to release your qi, helping you unwind. For a final note of peace, mist yourself with the calming Hair and Body Mist of the Relax assortment. Take a moment to note that it is the same fragrance you used when you left the house in the morning. This creates a soothing red thread throughout your day.

The second range is our Sleep collection which helps you discover your path to inner peace just before bed time. This range features a tranquil fragrance -based on the essential oils of Lavender and Sacred Wood- that helps to promote the quality of your sleep. It opens up with fresh, citrus notes but shows an elegant and precious heart of lavender, leading to a well-balanced woody and musky base. Finish your day with this warm, peaceful fragrance and prepare for sleep with a serene and tranquil routine.

As the day draws to a close, it’s time to start slowing down and taking some space for yourself. Follow these three steps to prepare your home – and your self – for a dose of peace with the products of the Sleep collection from The Ritual of Jing.

Scent is everything. Our brain makes associations with fragrances and creates new behaviours according to the input it gets. Make sure your home is keyed towards rest by placing a gently scented diffuser ready to greet you when you finally return home. Spread the soothing love of Sacred Wood and Lotus through your house by lighting scented candles in key locations. The sweet fragrance of our Massage Candle will bring on a mellow mood, while the soft dancing light will warm you and relax you. The luxurious candle that contains essential nourishing and moisturizing oils that help soothe the skin and enhance the quality of sleep.

At last, the most important moment of the day… the pre-bedtime routine. 90 minutes before your bedtime, start following these easy steps to leave the hustle and bustle of the outside world behind and prepare for sweet dreams to come.

Rinse off the stress of the day, consciously letting go of any stressors or anxieties that might be clinging to you. The intensely nourishing Shower Oil, enriched with calming Sacred Wood and sleep-enhancing Lavender, transforms into a silky soft foam when it comes in contact with water. Now that you’re clean, it’s time to truly indulge. 90 minutes before lights out, run yourself a deep, steaming bath, topped up with dreamy herbs and soothing Magnesium Bath Crystals. This blissful and balancing formula includes the main ingredients Lavender and Sacred Wood with some Magnesium, helping you calm down immediately. Slowly continue the pampering after you’ve toweled off, by smoothing on the indulgent Dry Oil, from the tips of your fingers to the tips of your hair. The quick-absorbing oil will help calm the mind and get you ready for bed.

Ever thought of a Foot Mask? Your feet have been doing tough work for you all day long. Take a moment to acknowledge them by applying a rich cream as you treat them to a simple massage: squeezing, pressing, gently kneading. And at last, bedtime. Set yourself up for a night of sweet slumbers by spraying the Pillow Mist over your linens. Take a moment to let it sink in, then climb into the sheets. These light herbal scents will help calm you down and gently guide you away to dreamland. Good night and sleep tight.

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