With 2019 being the Qatar-India Year of Culture, it is only natural that the FACT team went on the hunt for the most delicious Indian cuisine in town. FACT’s Anushay Taimur Khan headed to Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor at Crowne Plaza Doha West Bay to see if the food lived up to the raving reviews.

When it comes to Indian cuisine, Doha is not one to be left behind on giving diners options. From street food to fine dining – it is all wrapped up in a delicious aroma that baits me every single time. A visit to Sanjeev Kapoor’s restaurant, Signature, has been pending for a while now. I grew up in South Asia and Sanjeev Kapoor had always been my 6pm date on Zee TV in the ‘90s. His show Khana Khazana may have sparked my initial interest in Indian cuisine and believe me, I was giddy with excitement, pretty similar to the seven-year-old who watched his show, to try this restaurant again.

A 2019 winner of a FACT Dining Award, I was welcomed to the restaurant with a very insta-worthy entrance. Living up to the social media life, I took pictures after which I was escorted to my table. I came with an empty stomach to start my seven-course gastronomic journey that night as the head chef gave me a little background about all the dishes. We started the night with the samosa chaat and I feel like that was just the right way to go about it. A bit spicy with a hint of the delicious sweet tamarind sauce with pomegranate, chickpea chaat and spicy yogurt topping on a potato samosa, I couldn’t help but devour this little beauty right away. As soon as I was done, another set of starters poured in and even though I had promised to save myself for the main course, I powered through the delicate double fish kababs like a pro. Perfectly marinated, the amount of salt was ideal for me and the sauces, presented in the colours of the Indian flag, simply elevated the flavour of the entire dish. Delicious!

Now let’s talk about the big guns: the main course. I dined at Signature a couple of years ago and didn’t really have the best experience. Therefore, this time around, I was very alert about everything; from the quality of the food to the service, I was noticing it all. I really appreciated how my food was presented in a timely manner, giving me ample time to enjoy, relax and get ready for the next course as well as the general flavour of the delicacies.

The biryani and curry were served with Malabar paratha and, as usual, I aimed for the good old biryani to make my foodie dreams come true. However, the curry, for me, was the winner that night. Wrapped in beautiful aromas, the creamy sauce of the dish complemented the chicken which was melt-in-themouth at every bite. I was absolutely blown away with an entire paratha to prove my love for this dish. The biryani, on the other hand, could have been more flavorsome (I blame my Pakistani taste buds for this) but I would not rule it out either. If you have mild taste buds, it’s perfect for you – otherwise, request for it to be extra spicy!

The meal ended with the most lop-licking gulab jamun, giving us a goodnight hug. Yes, my desserts really mean something to me. If you are not too fond of overly sweet desserts, this may not be for you. But, honestly, Indian cuisine is incomplete without the dessert so it is definitely worth ordering.

This dinner certainly changed my mind about the restaurant and I left a happy customer – my inner seven-year-old was doing summersaults! I almost ordered a take out of the curry – it really is THAT good. It’s also the one reason, amongst many others, that will bring be back to Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor very soon. ✤