Meet the racing beauty of 2020.

MC20 stands for Maserati Corse 2020 and marks the brand’s entrance into a new era, the rediscovery of its original sporty DNA, its dynamic roots and essential audacity. Maserati long known for its comfort and elegance on the road now strikes back with ferocity on the track. MC20 represents the pure form of speed, with Maserati panache. A work of sculptural engineering seemingly hewn, piece by piece, from a masterfully chiselled block of raw carbon, showing the way to the Brand’s aesthetic future. Created through a process of elimination, there are no frills and no excess. MC20 is an archetype, carved for speed, so pure one seems to hear the hallmark Maserati sound even with the engine off.

The form of MC20, which will also be available in convertible and electric versions, is composed of a chorus of elements singing in mechanical perfection. Sharp edges generate friction, a slowing action, while the sublime sinuosity of the monocoque carbonfibre frame allows the air to flow freely across it. Side vents are present but not visible. Even the Trident, the symbol of the Brand, has been reduced to its essential, archetypal truth. The butterfly doors open dramatically, wings that unfurl upward to facilitate getting in and out for drivers and passengers, despite the low-slung attitude. The lower part of MC20, always dark, in exposed carbon fibre or black paint, is the uncontested realm of engineering.

However, in the spirit of contrast and harmony, colour comes back to capture the spirit of movement. In the new Bianco Audace, MC20 shimmers with iridescent blue undertones when exposed to the light. The Blu Infinito tone gleams with a ceramic brilliance that only sunlight can capture. And the Grigio Mistero hue recalls the mesmerizing beauty molten metal. Then again, six different options include Rosso Vincente, Giallo Genio and Nero Enigma, that showcase the distinctive features of speed, infusing them with life. Even the interiors, comfortable, luminous and luxurious, in keeping with the Brand’s image, exude a sense of dynamism. From the laser-generated textural effects to the seats in Alcantara leather, as colours appear in all their kaleidoscopic glory in one place, only to shade toward black in another. The infotainment system features a high-resolution screen similar to a tablet, providing total user experience. The audio system is the result of a 100% Italian collaborative effort involving the craft-based Sonus Faber, renowned for its meticulously engineered acoustic speakers. The heart of MC20 is a V6 twin-turbo petrol engine, entirely produced at the Modena plant, the first in over twenty years and another essential Maserati patent.

Located at the rear of the vehicle, in keeping with traditional racing configurations, this unique engine features Formula 1 technology, propelling the Brand toward the exciting world of racing. This historical piece of engineering is called Nettuno and compresses all the energy of 630 CV into 3000 cc of displacement. A magnificent god of the sea, brandishing a trident and out to conquer new lands, will bring that sweet Maserati sound to its maximum expression on both the open road and racing circuits. ✤