• Talabat rolls out a new pre-ordering feature that allows customers to order in advance.
  • Developed specifically for Ramadan, the ‘schedule’ feature ensures that customers can have their food on time for both Iftar and Suhoor.
  • The ‘schedule’ feature will enable restaurant partners to better plan and optimise kitchen processes around peak ordering periods.

Talabat, the region’s leading food, and grocery delivery app, has today launched ‘schedule,’ its new feature allowing customers to pre-order food delivery. Launched specifically for Ramadan, customers and restaurants now have a smoother preparation for Iftar and Suhoor thanks to this feature.

Customers can select this new option upon checkout, by tapping ‘schedule,’ which is located beside ‘order now’. Customers can then select the time from the available options listed. To use the schedule feature, customers need to have the latest version of the talabat app.

The pre-order option also benefits restaurant partners, allowing the opportunity for optimisation in kitchen processing times around peak ordering times around Iftar and Suhoor.

Francisco De Sousa, Managing Director of talabat Qatar, says that talabat, with a proud heritage as a regional success story, continues to put the local needs of customers and restaurants at the forefront of new product features.

‘We understand that after a long day of fasting during the Holy Month, breaking the fast at the exact Iftar time, and also having suhoor at the right time, is of the utmost importance. We’re here to make that happen for our customers.

‘With our new schedule feature, we want to allow our customers to order whatever they want at the time they want. This isn’t just limited to Iftar and Suhoor, but can also be used to order food during other times, as well as groceries!’

You can download the talabat via AppStore or Google Play.