Huawei recently launched the new HUAWEI nova 7 5G, which is powered by Kirin 985 5G SoC integrated with a 5G baseband to provide a faster, more stable 5G experience. The addition of a powerful 64MP Hi-res AI Quad Camera and 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge is sure to deliver the ultimate entertainment experience in the 5G era.

Available in Space Silver, Midsummer Purple and Black, the trendy flagship smartphone is available for purchase at Huawei official stores, Huawei authorized distributors and Huawei’s priced at QAR 1699.

Thanks to the 64MP Hi-res AI Quad Camera packed into the HUAWEI nova 7 5G, photography and videography in all scenarios is easily taken care of. The setup comes with a 64MP main camera, 8MP ultra-wide camera, 8MP telephoto camera and a 2MP macro camera, which work together to support a wide range of shooting scenarios. Paired with Super Night Mode 3.0 and zooming capabilities from 3x Optical zoom, 5x hybrid zoom up to 20x digital zoom photography enthusiasts can enjoy the premium camera features of the HUAWEI nova 7 5G. Additional features also include 4K videos, 4K time-lapse and a DUAL-VIEW Video Mode, which allows users to use two different cameras at the same time to capture videos from both sides.

HUAWEI nova 7 5G is equipped with the Kirin 985 5G SoC. Manufactured with the leading 7nm process, the chipset integrates a 5G baseband and high-performance processor into the chip itself, making it a 5G trendy flagship like no other. When users play games on the HUAWEI nova 7 5G in a 5G network area, they can enjoy the dual advantages of having a fast download speed and low latency. In the past, downloading a 2GB game with a 4G network would take about ten minutes. With 5G, it only takes about one minute.

When waiting around or having some free time on your hands, you can use the HUAWEI nova 7 5G to pass time by playing games which require a strong network connection. With its advanced 5G network searching technology, the HUAWEI nova 7 5G quickly searches for 5G networks so you can get online as soon possible

For ordinary dual-SIM mobile phones, the secondary SIM card doesn’t display call notifications if the user is on a call using the other SIM card. The HUAWEI nova 7 5G supports 5G Dual SIM Dual Standby. When taking a call on one SIM card, users can also receive notifications for incoming calls from the other SIM to avoid missing any important calls.

Thanks to the world-leading 5G SoCs, the HUAWEI nova 7 5G is more energy efficient as it doesn’t require an external 5G baseband. It also has a slimmer and lighter design as there is more space for the CPU in the motherboard. For example, the HUAWEI nova 7 5G is equipped with the Kirin 985 5G flagship SoC. It is 7.96mm thick, and weighs only 180g, including the large 4000mAh battery, equivalent to the standard mainstream 4G mobile phones released last year. Compared to most 5G phones this year, the HUAWEI nova 7 is slimmer, lighter, and provides a more comfortable grip so gamers don’t need to worry about having sore wrists after a long gaming session.

HUAWEI nova 7 5G is also pre-installed with AppGallery, Huawei’s official app marketplace. Users can download from a wide range of global and local apps and also enjoy a rich library of quality entertainment media on HUAWEI Video, HUAWEI Music and HUAWEI Reader, which are regularly updated with new content from top providers. Users can also use Petal Search, a new search tool which acts as an open gateway to more than a million apps to download their favorite apps and even use the search widget for easy searching from the home screen. Apps can be easily updated and downloaded from secure and listed sources, giving users access to wide range of apps and games that enhance their smartphone experience.