We are the World Project” started by two Artists based in Qatar, Radi & Hadi is now connected to another 35 artists around the world.

During these difficult times of separation and crisis, an initiative to bring everyone together with the power of music was born. An idea that was put forward by Jocelyn Torres, this project was launched in Qatar. This resulted in a collaboration of 35 talents from across the world, showcasing unity despite this difficult time and realizing that irrespective of being distant, music has the power to bring everyone together.

“Our job as musicians/singers is to bring joy and entertain people, and there are no harder days than the ones we’re experiencing  right  now.  Everyone  needs  something  to  smile about and a reminder that there’s hope if we all stand together as one. So, we decided to sing our hearts out to this beautiful song which became the International anthem for crisis and disasters, hoping we will reach everyone and give them the  hope that we will get through this”

Hadi, Radi and most of the artists in this project are linked to Candela Entertainment, a music agency born and based in  Doha, owned by Radi Zohubi and Meli Candela. This project is dedicated to all front-liners, first responders, doctors, medical crews and all affected people by the COVID-19 outbreak.

“There comes a time when we need a certain call, when the world must come together as one” – Michael Jackson / Lionel Richie. ✤