On returning from a quick break away from Doha, FACT’s Anushay Taimur Khan headed to the Diplomatic Club for a much-needed daycation, discovering that it truly is the IT place-to-be!


I’ve always associated the Diplomatic Club as the exclusive destination for many around Doha. A favourite of mine when it comes to dining on the beach, Al Sayyad already stole my heart months ago. Similarly, when I heard about the staycation deal, I just had to go and give it a try. Craig, our freelance writer, has already raved about their water activities so, naturally, I wanted to try wakeboarding first andforemost. On a sunny day, I got my sunscreen on and met with Mr. Pamitha, assistant manager of the recreation, who gave me a tour of the club. He escorted me to the seaside and I got geared up for my first-ever session. I’m slightly scared of the sea but Prem, my guide for the activity, made sure I was comfortable with the entire process, as he guided me on how to go about it. From the gear to the demonstration, I was offered complete comfort from the team. With Pamitha’s encouragement and Prem’s instructions, I managed to stand on the board on the first try – why, yes, I did fall within the first five seconds but, it was a success nonetheless! My tip for any water activities would be to get your own goggles especially if you’re a rookie like me.

A couple of tries later, I decided to head towards the pool, which at this point was my safe haven, and got myself some chilled Coconut Hug to cool down after an adventurous session. The temperature of the pool was perfect for me; cool enough to make sunny Doha lovable! I relaxed by the pool as I mentally prepared myself to get into the gym. Honestly, I had expected to just go to the gym and use the machines but, I was surprised to meet my instructor there, who was more than ready to assess me for the session. After talking about my fitness activity and my preference for the workout, Hussam, my instructor, chose to challenge me with some core-oriented exercises. Not only was the gym equipped with the finest technology, but Hussam also made sure that I was not pushing my body beyond its capability. I had already mentioned a few muscles that needed work on and he made sure that he demonstrated every exercise before he asked me to do them. I appreciated how he divided his time amongst his clients and never felt like I was not looked after. I may or may not have skipped an exercise or two but, the experience itself was an eye-opener. This comes as a highly recommended feature of the daycation, on my behalf!

Soon after, I welcomed lunch by the pool graciously and dipped back into the water as they took my order at the poolside restaurant, Al Borj. I believe some days just call for a light snack and this restaurant offered various delicacies to make this the ideal way to have a little fun in the sun. The pool access is the perfect family option and I am already booked to come back here with my family. There’s nothing that is missing in this offer and it comes across as the all-in-one package with access to the best amenities in the market. I really don’t think a staycation is complete unless you get to experience some Spa time, and the Diplomatic Club did not disappoint. I was introduced to Ayu, my massage therapist, who straightaway started on my Aromatherapy treatment, and I was so comfortable at this point that I dozed off. The serene room, the light music, and Ayu’s feathery massage were exactly what I needed to relax after the adventurous activities of the day. The next hour was spent in bliss and I will be forever grateful for being introduced to this therapy at the club.

Since I had to run to an event straight after this perfect day, I quickly stepped into the Beauty Center for a quick makeover with Bernard. After a relaxed hair wash, he asked me how I wanted my hair styled. I described the nature of the event to him and told him the problems that I had to deal with my hair. My issue is usually that my hair falls flat after blow dries and Bernard made sure he was roping in a regular for the future. He took less than 45 minutes to give me one of the best blow-dries I’ve had in Qatar. My hair was bouncy, smooth and the volume lasted me for 2 days! Considering the weather change in Doha, I was so happy with the results because no humidity could change how my hair looked that day. And, I did look an extra bit posh that day – the hair really is the key ingredient here. After having a look at the services, I found this Salon to be a one-stop for self-care.

Personally, I found this entire package as an opportunity I cannot think about missing. There is not a single service at the Diplomatic Club that is not mentioning worthy. The staff, the arrangement and the first-class service is all you need for the summer. I absolutely love the stunning views that come as an added beauty with this property, and contrary to popular belief, non-members can also avail these services – like I said; not to be missed! ✤