The weekend calls for a night to loosen up from the hustle and bustle of work, and we demand a good time. FACT’s Anushay Taimur Khan got the fix she needed at Brewskis & Grub in Crowne Plaza Doha West Bay, and she’s spilling the details…

When Thursday evening calls for a session with the girls, we’re always on the hunt for the best places in town. Where a lot of people would be looking for a ladies’ night, we’re just in the mood for good food at a place that would match our energy.

Brewskis & Grub was actually a recommendation by another friend of mine who often goes there to watch football matches – but the sports viewing is only one of many reasons to visit. This place does so much more – and does it all very well. Of course, a foodie never says no to another foodie. We set the time to meet and I dressed up casually to make sure I was comfortable for the fun time ahead.. Little did I know that my expectations were about to be exceeded! This place is nothing like the venues that I have come to know and not really love so much. Brewskis & Grub at Crowne Plaza Doha West Bay can only be described as a taproom for a welcomed night of celebrating life.

A short trip to the fifth floor will introduce you to a casual and not-so-little place that has neon signs on the wall to translate the trendy vibe of the pub. As soon as we settled on a table, I truly got a chance to take a look around properly.

Quotes that make you smile, a screen next to every table, instruments set up for the band, a sleek bricked counter with mirrors in the centre, tables and a serve-yourself wall of brews – it’s trendy to the core! I like the concept of the Beer Yourself trend where you can simply load your card and keep tapping it in the machine then serve yourself a pint or whatever quantity your credit allows you. A quirky place that I found myself enjoying more by the minute, the live singing just added a different groove to the entire set up.

Before we knew it, the orders started coming in. The mac ‘n’ cheese fritters already had my name on them and I instantly pulled the dish towards myself. The cheesy goodness made it more than palatable and I famished half the serving, not even wanting to share it. But with the tacos on the other side of the table, this was a give and take night for us. I saw my friends relishing the starters, giving me the comfort to try them without hesitation. The Baja fish tacos were a delight with the fried fish still warm, and the sauces making it a multifarious blend of different flavours that all come together magnificently. These tacos have got to be the best I’ve tried in town. I didn’t even mind the soft taco shells – definitely a first for me. As for the pecking duck tacos, the sweet taste of the duck and its tender meat elevated the flavour instantly. It was, however, the fried brie that brought the whole dish together as you have the sweetness and tanginess of the plum duck and apricot compote, topped with the saltiness of the fried gooey brie. Word of advice: I would recommend requesting these without the brie if your palate is not used to the strong cheese taste.

When it was time to try the chicken quesadilla, I was lucky to get a share. This dish had the entire table’s approval with its decadently gooey cheese mixed with vegetables and a whole lotta perfection, highlighting this as a must-have. Throw in the zesty Brewski sliders to this mix of excellence and you have me falling in love with the pub. The melted runny cheese within the burger, adding to the piquancy of the pickled onions as they sat on a bed of lettuce would only be described as a much-welcomed treat. If I had to, I’d savour the beef slider in a jiffy. The fiery, roasted buns, as I’ve named them according to their quirky colours, was just the aesthetic perfection I needed to end the big show that was going on at my table. To top it off, the Brewskis Cookie Monster with its cakey soft base and ice creams decorated with whipped cream was as luscious as this experience could get.

I was vibing with this pub at a different frequency. To put it into a few sentences, Brewskis & Grub is THE place to be if you’re looking for a boisterous little place to hang out. From live music Fridays to Karaeke Mondays to Paris Latino Tuesdays and Retro Wednesdays with drinking games, get in the mood for some scrumptious food and uniquely made drinks to get the night rolling. If you’re looking for me some time next week, you’ll find me here at the karaoke machine, making sure I do justice to the fantabulous mix the bartenders concoct whilst singing all my favourite jams. ✤