Answering the call for her meat cravings, FACT’s Anushay Taimur Khan headed to the New York Steakhouse, Marriott Marquis City Centre Doha to give their classics a try. She came across more than the everyday experience…


Marriott Marquis City Centre Doha is home to numerous restaurants but, you’d be surprised that I hadn’t visited the famous New York Steak House until recently. Always adding it to my own list of ‘must-try in the city’ I finally took the time to check out the food at the venue. Lo and behold, the steakhouse came across as a classic to me at first sight; big red leather chairs with yellow lights, tables displayed with big vino glasses, and a bar with the best grape – yep, it screams STEAKHOUSE. Now, my partner and I are not new to the steakhouse scene in Doha and I have been experiencing various meat joints for the past four years – really, what could this venue do for me?

Well, take a seat Anushay, you’re about to be served. With the hotel always giving their guests the chance to meet with the chefs, I was looking forward to having a quick conversation with Chef Grant Marais. He did, after all, boast of an impressive knowledge of international cuisines and it’s always good to know the story behind all the delicious food. A few minutes into the conversation and I started having doubts – umm, my chef was a newly turned vegan who was promising me some of the best food of my life. Questions, questions! Wasting no time at all, the clock struck six and the in-house special burger happy hour was already ticking.

Again, burger at a steak joint? Where was I? Well, the juicy, thick beef patties marinated in Chef Marais’ special sauce with cheese oozing from the home-made buns shut me up really good. I sat there, after a good 4.5 years of being in Doha, finally eating the best burger this city has to offer. With the perfect smoky taste, the right spices to tingle my taste buds and the most ah-ma-zing steak fries with light barbecue salt to complement the burgers, I found my own meaty heaven right there.

When you start your early dinner with something as good as these beauties, the bar has already been set really high. Therefore, when my tomahawk steak came out, I really couldn’t imagine anything better than what was already served. That was apparently the cue for Chef Marais as he put on a little show for us and cut our steak for serving. Honestly, my mouth is watering even as I write about it. The steak was done to perfection; medium, as requested, seasoned impeccably, crusty from the outside and served with a variety of sauces for my taste. Every bite that I took was an ode to the chef’s magic touch. Truly convincing his customers that he really was all that, I couldn’t help but sing his praises. It was a cherry on top that the serving team was adding to my experience; they recommended the knives that I use for the experience (which is the first time that I got to choose) and my mocktail was made to suit my taste buds – a job well done to the entire team at the restaurant!

Frankly speaking, I don’t expect the best of desserts from a steakhouse but the fact that I wasn’t expecting to have the best burger either should have been enough to prepare me. If you’ve been a fan of the sitcom Friends, you probably know about the cheesecake from Mama’s Little Bakery. Well, folks, I’ve found that cheesecake. Dripping in strawberry sauce with sweetness only a real dessert lover would know, I found THE cheesecake we’ve all been looking for.

The chocolate souffle also gave some tough competition to the platter but for me, the cheesecake took… the cake home! We left feeling incredibly satisfied like two kids who came home from Grandma’s, with a new name on the list of favourites. If you’re looking for a place to get some good food in a classic ambience, and the chance to be blown away with the best of everything served, New York Steakhouse should be your next stop. ✤