Summer is here and we’re constantly looking for the best places for a day-cation in Doha. FACT’s Anushay Taimur Khan headed to Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels to try their Moroccan Hammam treatment and let the relaxation vibes set in.

The thing about travelling, especially with kids, is that you are almost always tired when you come back. I was recently a victim of a six-hour long flight with a toddler and as soon as I landed back in Qatar, I needed some ‘me time’ to wash away the jet lag and fatigue. Luckily, I found a slot for a Moroccon Hammam at Al Jasra Hotel and happily booked myself an appointment. Situated in the heart of the city and part of the very beautiful and boutique complex of properties in Souq Waqif, I believe I was already in love with the hotel before I got there. It is the ideal location for anyone who adores being in the Souq but has a place to escape to in the middle of the bustle – and yours truly is guilty as charged. I got to the hotel right on time and was welcomed by the staff at the Spa with friendly smiles. After filling in a consultation form and penning down my concerns for the treatment, I was served refreshing lemon juice in the waiting room. My spa specialist came within minutes to escort me to the Hammam and I was taken into a room with mosaic showers, where a marble table was already set for me. The room was absolutely stunning and inspired by actual Moroccan hammams using real Moroccan tiles.

The temperature was set really high, giving the effect of a steam bath. I was asked to lay down and water was brought over from one of the mosaic sinks. Once my body was rinsed with the water, the therapist applied a blackpaste all over my body. Soon after, she began to scrub it off using exfoliating gloves. The intensity and pressure of this process made me feel like there was a lot to be cleaned! As I kept peeking at what was happening, I could see a lot of dry skin being scrubbed off during this process and couldn’t help but wonder why it had taken me so long to get this done.

Once this exfoliating process was complete, my hair was the main focus for the next couple of minutes. After applying argan oil, I got a blissful 15-minute head massage, which almost put me to sleep since I was so comfortable, and after which a face mask was applied. The entire process was like a mini version of a massage and I couldn’t have been happier. My body needed this kind of treatment, given the drastic dry weather that we currently have, and I could feel my skin change with the entire process.

Once my hair was washed and the scrubs and masks taken off, I was asked to proceed to the changing room where I was served with more water and some tea. I could already feel the difference in my skin, especially my legs, and I definitely felt like I was given the treatment that my body really needed at that point.

I enjoyed the exclusivity of the hammam, which is reserved for the individual who is booked in for the treatment. You can enjoy relaxation by choosing the service for either 60 or 90 minutes and as for me, you’ll see me walking around the Souq and sneaking in to Al Jasra Hotel every few weeks now! ✤