Crossroads Kitchen is back to take you on a culinary journey across five continents through the world’s street food. Showcasing innovative cooking and dining experiences in a new sleek modern design utilizing the abundance of natural daylight during the day and the cityscape view at night to enhance your enjoyment of the meal.

It’s all about the food with the focus on the open kitchen cooking dishes from around the world. The menu takes inspiration from Thai curries to Caribbean seafood, traditional Spanish tapas to Peruvian ceviche. Grilled dishes, Tandoor oven-baked food, meats grilled over a charcoal grill, vegan and vegetarian street food selection. Crossroads Kitchen is a food hall focused on street food culinary heritage and traditions from Levant, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Americas.

Crossroads Kitchen celebrates the variety and quality of world street food culture, providing Qatar residents and travelers alike, an accessible taste of authentic regional dishes in a lively environment. The artwork takes inspiration from vibrant street food scenes from around the world & lets you go on a culinary journey.