In the current situation, food delivery apps are a life saver. With everyone in self isolation and in the need to maintain social distancing, these are the apps that will help you stay home and stay safe, as chosen by Dionne Lobo of @24hrfoodie…

    Talabat is a popular food delivery service that operates in the Middle East. They have a variety of international and local restaurants to pick from. Their interface is easy to navigate and user friendly. They have one of the biggest supermarket’s Carrefour on their app, which is helpful for regular grocery shopping. They have tracking available on most restaurants on the app, which helps you know when the driver has left the restaurant and when he is in your area. They also have a tie up with Qatar Charity wherein they deliver meals you can sponsor to the needy. Their delivery charges vary from anywhere between QR 5 – 10. 
    A new player to the food delivery game, Fingertips launched earlier this year. For a new app they have quite a few restaurants on their app and keep adding new ones on a regular basis. They have an option that is not available on most apps, where you can choose to view “Veg only” or “Egg only” options. This is an excellent option for people who are vegetarian and don’t want to look through an entire menu to find something. They have also recently added grocery shopping from Indian Supermarket and Retail Mart in two locations. They don’t have a delivery charge as part of their launch offer.
    Carriage claims to have the fastest food delivery service in the Middle East with estimated average delivery time of 25 minutes with GPS live tracking. They have the popular restaurants like Hardees, KFC, Subway alongside many other restaurants to pick from. They also have few grocery stores to pick from. In addition to that, they also have health supplements section which is great for those looking for workout supplements.
    Rafeeq is a 100% Qatari based food delivery app created by Qataris for the Qatari market that was started in early 2019 by local restaurant owners. They have a different set of restaurants on their app as compared to others. They have no minimum order charge like some apps with the options of live tracking on their orders. The app is quite popular among the local population.
    The popular discount app Entertainer has also started a delivery for their food section. The app offers 2 for 1 offers along with delivery, perfect for saving cash when you’re ordering multiple dishes from the same restaurant. They have restrictions on usage on certain public holidays and occasions but on all other days they have a wide selection to choose from.
  6.  SNOONU
    Snoonu is a Qatar based application which offers personal concierge and delivery services including food delivery. The Snoonu app was launched towards the end of 2019 and they have a diverse selection of restaurants that are not available on most apps. Their delivery charges start at QR 10.
  7. CARTS
    Carts is an app to solve your event catering problems. They provide catering for groups – from food trucks serving food, coffee, etc. to 5-star restaurant buffets. Their app is easy to navigate and has prices depending on the number of people. They also do on-site catering, drop-off and the complete event set up.
    Wishbox is a Qatar based app that offers food delivery. From browsing through you would find quite a few Indian and Asian restaurants. They also have an option that is not available on most apps, where you can choose to view “Veg only” options, an excellent option for people who are vegetarian and don’t want to look through an entire menu to find something.
    Another new player to the food delivery apps, thave a variety of restaurants to choose from. With a quirky quirky and bright interface, you will a number of new options on this app as well.
  10.  AKLY
    One of the few food delivery apps that focuses only on healthy food, all the dishes have their nutritional values, ingredients and allergens listed on the app so you can make an informed decision on what to order. They also have monthly subscriptions depending on what you’re trying to achieve with your diet. The app is perfect for people on a diet or anyone with allergies
    Sometimes, we just miss our comfort food from the local street vendors. The smaller street corner cafeterias that are not on any other app to choose from are easily available on Tawseelat. Whether it is a fresh juice or a club sandwich that you’re craving, they will deliver it to you at no extra cost.
    I don’t think anyone living in the Middle East has not heard of Lulu Hypermarket. Most of the population shops for their daily groceries at their store and they also have an online store, where you can order the same groceries and have it dropped off at your doorstep with a minimal delivery fee. They have delivery slots that can be picked to suit your convenience.
    Another popular supermarket/store in the Middle East. With many locations throughout the country, they are a choice for people looking for a good deal. They have their own online store, in addition, they’re also available on Talabat. For a minimal fee, your groceries can be delivered to your doorstep – an ideal choice during this time especially!
  14.  SUNCART
    Suncart is basically an online grocery store. They have everything that you would get in a Supermarket available for purchase online. They also have an option for buying in bulk, however, it is currently limited to water and frozen chicken. If you’re looking to get things delivered to your doorstep all year round at a minimal cost, Suncart is your best friend!
    Like the name suggests, Baqaala is a digital version of the local baqaala near your place. They have everything from fruits, veggies to household items like toothpaste. They also have fresh fish and fresh meat that you can order without leaving the comfort of your sofa. So no matter where you are, you’ll always find a Baqaala in your phone!
  16. FISH.QA
    One of the only apps (that we know of), that sells only fresh fish. You can pick the fish you would like to purchase and select how you like to have it cleaned. This is a good way to get fish delivered home without having to visit a supermarket and then having a quick meal at home if you’re not in the mood to eat out!GO:Follow @24hrfoodie on Instagram for constant updates on your favourite food joints